1952-1957 1958-1962 1963-19771978—19921993-19981999-Present
              Foundation (1952-1957)


              GRINM was founded, originally with the name of Nonferrous Metals Industrial Experimental Institute.


              Research on fabrication of sponge titanium, lithium and beryllium, separation of zirconium and hafnium, separation of tantalum and niobium; Successful development of tantalum, niobium, gallium, tellurium, germanium and forgeable titanium.


              Started research on silicon, extraction, analysis and testing of tantalum, niobium and rare earth pure metals.

              R&D of Rare Metals(1958-1962)


              GRINM was named as Nonferrous Metals Research Institute of Ministry of Metallurgical

              Industry, start of R&D on multiple rare metals extraction, analysis and testing process,

              design and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;


              The first Ti ingot in China was smelted in GRINM.


              Successful growth of 30-36mm silicon monocrystal and float zone silicon.


              GRINM built up pilot plants for rare metal materials and rare metals smelting process.


              Success fulseparation and extraction of all rare metals (64 elements in the Elementary Periodic Table).



              GRINM rebuilt and expanded the existing pilot plants, acquiring experience and data for factory construction;

              1963 -1977

              Function as an engineering R&D center, GRINM moved 1,700 technical staff and 4,200 large scale equipment to different locations in China, supported to build up and/or expand 8 factories and 4 institutesacross China:

              •     • Fushun Al Factory
              •     • Zunyi Ti Factory
              •     • Shanghai Yaolong Chemical Factory
              •     • Ningxia Nonferrous Metals Processing Factory
              •     • Emei Semiconductor Materials Factory
              •     • Luoyang Silicon monocrystals Factory
              •     • Baoji Nonferrous Metals Processing Factory
              •     • Huize Lead-Zinc Mine
              •     • Emei Institute
              •     • Baotou Rare Earth Institute
              •     • Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Institute
              •     • Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute


              GRINM started to transfer from non-for-profit pure research institute into business oriented institute.


              GRINM was renamed as GeneralResearch Institute forNonferrous Metals under the Ministry ofMetallurgical Industry.


              GRINM started to build up and run 17 production lines respectively for silicon,germanium, gallium arsenide, TiNi wire, lithium belt, rare earth polished powder,AgCu composite contact, AgPd paste, TiMnelectrodes.


              GRINM was renamed as Beijing General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metalsunder the management of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation.


              GRINM opened a science and technology consulting company to provide services such as technology consulting, transfer, commissioned development and cooperation through joint ventures to develop technology market.


              GRINM was completely in business-oriented management, the government research funding is availableonly through bidding.


              National Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Materials

              High-tech Industrialization(1993 - 1998)

              The following national laboratories were successively set up in GRINM:

              •  • National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Materials
              •  • National Engineering& Technology Research Center for Nonferrous Metal Matrix Composites
              •  • National Analysis & Testing Center for Nonferrous Metals & Electronic Materials
              •  • National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Nonferrous Metals
              •  • National Technology Development Base for Nonferrous Metals Industry


              Successful growth of the first 300mm silicon monocrystal in China


              Successfully co-developed the first high temperature superconductor transmission cable in China.

              After becoming an enterprise(1999-Present)


              GRINM Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd. (Gritek) was foundedand listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock referred to as "GRITEK").

              Guorui Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was founded to produce compound semiconductor materials.


              GRINM was registered as a corporate legal entity, run as a state-owned enterprise under the management of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) .

              Grikin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (Grikin) was founded

              Beijing Guojing Infrared Optical Technology Co., Ltd was founded producing germanium materials.

              Successful growth of the first 4 inch semi-insulating GaAsmonocrystal by VCZ method in China

              The first trial running of electric vehicle powered by Ni/MH batteries between cities in China.

              Original Potential Control Flotation (OPCF)won the first prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award


              Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (Grirem) was founded focusing on producing rare earth and related materials.


              Successful growth of the first 300mm silicon monocrystal in China.

              Successful growth of 300mm Gemonocrystal


              Successful growth of 380mm Ge polycrystalline.

              GRIPM Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was founded to produce a wide variety of nonferrous metal powders.


              Beijing COMPO Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded, specializing in the research, production, marketing of solders and nonferrous materials.


              “Biohydrometallurgy of low-grade copper sulfide ore” was granted with 1st prize of China nonferrous metals industry science and technology progress award. The technologies were applied in Zinjinshan copper mine and it is the first heap bioleaching-SX-EW plant built in China, treating copper ore of 0.38%, with annual production of 10,000t copper cathode.

              The program co-developed with China Tin Group Co., Ltd. “Study on improving mineral processing technical and economic index forDachang refractory cassiteritepolymetallic sulfide ore” won Guangxi Science and Technology Special Contribution Award.


              Successful demo running of Ni/MH stack as an auxiliary power battery for PEM fuel cell bus during 2008 Olympic Games.


              Successful growth of the first 6 inch GaAsmonocrystal by VGF method in China.

              “Integration and application of efficient utilization of Qaidam lead-zinc polymetallic resources and key technology of energy saving and emission reduction” won the 2nd prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award


              Non-saponification extracting technology for rare earth separation won the 1st prize of China nonferrous metals industry science and technology progress award.

              NdFeB strip casting flake technology was granted with 2nd prize of national invention award.

              GRINM Electro-optic Materials Co., Ltd. was established by incorporating Beijing Guojing Infrared Optical Technology Co., Ltd and Guorui Electronic Materials Co., Ltd..

              GRINM, as one of the initiators, participated in “The Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance” consisted of 16 Chinese central state-owned enterprises, assumed the task to build up the R&D base for the first class EV power batteries and the related materials.

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