Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Materials

              A. Monocrystal Silicon Materials for IC Application
              As one of the leading suppliers for the large scale IC industry in China, GRINM is dedicated in long term to the R&D of engineering technology for Si monocrystal materials and reached world leading level in large diameter heat field design and control, big volume melt convection control, crystal thermal stress and dislocation control, crystal impurities and resistivity homogeneity control:
              Ÿ   Large diameter CZ Si monocrystals and polished wafers for VLSI
              Ÿ   Heavily doped CZ Si monocrystals and polished wafers for substrates in epitaxial growth
              Ÿ   Large diameter FZ Si monocrystals and polished wafers for power devices
              B. Compound Semiconductor Materials
              As the pioneer in research and fabrication of compound semiconductor such as GaAs, GaP and InP in China, GRINM developed VGF technology in growing the large diameter compound semiconductor crystals.
              Ÿ   Doped HB-GaAsmonocrystals and wafers for various application
              Ÿ   Monocrystals and wafers of GaP, InP, GaSb, and InAs for photo-electronics and other application
              Ÿ   Semi-insulating GaAsmonocrystals and wafers for very high speed IC
              C. Infrared Optical Materials
              As one of the initiators in R&D of germanium related materials, GRINM developed a number of leading technologies in China.
              Ÿ   Gemonocrystals
              Ÿ   Chalcogenide glass
              Ÿ   SiCl4 for optical fiber
              Ÿ   Sapphire
              Ÿ   Optical Coatings
              Ÿ   Germanium Tetrachloride (GeCl4)
              Ÿ   CVD ZnS and CVD ZnSe
              D. IC Supporting Materials and Processing techniques
              By utilizing the strength in nonferrous metals fabrication with ultra-high purity, special metal forming and welding technology, GRINM commercialized the following products soon after they were developed:
                     High purity sputtering targets for semiconductor application;
                     Precious metals sputtering targets for semiconductor application;
                     Evaporation materials;
                     Starter source;
                     Backing plate and bonding;
                     Packaging materials (Lead-free solder powder, SnBi series solder powder, Tin-based solder powder, BGA/CSP solder powder…);
                     Thermal management materials and fabrication technology
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