Structural Materials & Processing

              A. High performance Al, Mg, Ti, Cu alloy structural materials
                      •      Fundamental Research
                            Non-equilibrium Preparation Technology & Advanced Al Alloys
                            Innovative Processing Technology & Advanced Ti Alloys
                            Compact Processing Technology & Advanced Mg Alloys
                            Numerical Simulation Technology & Advanced Copper Alloys
              B. Metal Matrix Composites
              New materials
                      •      Metal matrix composites
                            Ultra-high strength and high toughness aluminum alloys
                            Ti cladded Cu rod, sheet
                            AgCu composite tape
              C. Rapid Solidification and Metal Forming Technology
                            Atomization of melts
                            Spray forming
                            Strip casting
                            Stir casting
                            Semi-solid metal processing
                            Laser aided directly metal deposition
              D. Nonferrous Metals Processing
              •               Spinning processing and equipment development
              •               Hydrostatic extrusion technique and facilities
              •               Welding technique for sophisticated profiles
              •               Design and fabrication of dies
              •               Application of finite element method in plastic deformation
              •               Rapid solidification technology and its products
              •               Surface corrosion protection technology
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