Analysis & Testing Technology

              As the leading organization for nonferrous metals analysis and testing in China, GRINMparticipated to draft the national standards for nonferrous metals products analysis and testing, and possesses National Analysis and Testing Center for Nonferrous Metals and Electronic Materials, and National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Nonferrous Metals.Major functions:
              1.      Providing analysis and testing
              Ÿ   Chemical analysis
              Ÿ   High purity materials analysis
              Ÿ   Instrumental analysis
              Ÿ   Structure analysis
              Ÿ   Mechanical property testing
              Ÿ   Surface property testing
              Ÿ   Nondestructive testing of jewelry of gold, silver and platinum;
              Ÿ   Failure analysis of mechanical parts;
              2. Research on analysis and testing methods for new materials
              3. Participating to draft national standards for nonferrous metals products analysis andtesting;
              4. Development of advanced analytical instruments and accessories
              In order to meet the new requirement of the analytical instrument on testing, GRINM carried out R&D on CCD digital imaging and image processing system of transmission electron microscope, PM series abrasive jet test apparatus,mesoscopicmechanical experimental device and instrument coupling techniques, and is competent to make some advanced analytical instruments and accessories.
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