CVD ZnS and CVD ZnSe

              Product introduction
              Chemical vapor-deposited Zinc Selenide (CVD ZnSe) is a preferred material for optical components in high power CO2 lasers due to its low absorption in 10.6µm band. In addition, CVD ZnSe is widely used as windows, lenses, an prisms in high resolution FLIR systems.  
              CVD ZnSe is a kind of infrared optical materials with excellent performance. Standard ZnSe has a super transmittance and homogeneity of refractive index in wave band from 8 to 12 μm, its high strength and chemical stability make it applicable for using in harsh environment. Multispectral ZnSe has the whole wave band transmission performance from visible light to long infrared band.
              Beijing Guojing Infrared Optical Technology Co., LTD, a subsidiary of GRINM (General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals), with the CVD engineering technology developed  independently, establishes the first CVD ZnS / ZnSe production line in China. available for supplying  products of various specifications.
              Specification and parameter
              Shape round: window, spherical lens; Rectangular: window; Special: prism
              Maximum size zinc sulphide: round:∮250×12mm; rectangular:250×200×12mm;
              ZnSe: round:Φ250×15mm; rectangular:250×200×15mm;
              Tolerance diameter:+/- 0.05mm; length and the width:+/- 0.05mm;thickness:+/- 0.05mm;aperture:+/- 0.05mm
              Surface quality Plain slice: slice; Polishing window/head cover: according to customers' needs
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