Extruded metal products
              General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals has been engaged in non-ferrous metal extrusion technology research since the 1980s, after years of theoretical research and practical production experience, cultivate a professional technical team composed of three generations of old, middle and green, with complete sets of Mold manufacturing, extrusion molding, finishing and heat treatment and other processing equipment, with new product development and production supply capacity. In recent years, mainly carry out sophisticated aluminum and refractory metal extrusion products of the development and production.
              Precision aluminum alloy profile is a cross-section structure is complex, thin wall thickness, dimensional tolerances and product performance requirements of stringent products. Precision aluminum products, dimensional accuracy is better than ±0.05mm, straightness and flatness better than 0.1/100, according to special needs of the product's mechanical, fatigue, heat conduction and other properties to be controlled, the development of high thermal conductivity aluminum heat sink, Precision aluminum alloy oil, aluminum, precision heat pipe, waveguide, Copper clad aluminum row, and other products have been widely used in electronic communications, instrumentation, aerospace fields.
              Difficult deformation of metal materials due to high temperature deformation resistance, poor mobility characteristics, is difficult to extrusion. The Institute has mastered the key technologies of high-speed extrusion, isothermal extrusion, high-temperature lubrication and mold surface modification of refractory materials. The productions of titanium alloy antenna tube, high-temperature alloy tube, niobium zirconium alloy tube, tungsten rods molybdenum products such as transportation, nuclear power, weapons, petrochemical and other fields of successful application.
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