Other characteristic projects
              1. Detection of solar-grade poly-silicon
              General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals was dedicating the analysis detection of poly-silicon of solar energy since long time ago. Possessing advanced instrument and complete detection technology system to realize the analysis of 73 types of impurity element contents for one time which can meet the requirements of analysis of 5N and 6N solar-grade silicon material.
              GRINM use GDMS to search and analyze elements. And specified element such as boron, phosphorus we analyze by using SIMS.
              GRINM long term dedicated testing purity of high purity metal. Possessing advanced instruments and complete measurement system, which can detect the trace and ultra-trace impurity element in 5N、6N high pure aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and poly-silicon. Meets the requirements of impurity analysis of ppb grade and above its content of metal
              2. Detection of high pure metal
              3. Purity analysis of noble metal
              According to national standard, National Center of Analysis and Testing for Nonferrous Metals and Electronic Materials,professional institution of detection of noble metal,provide service of noble metal testing and guarantee its purify for guarantee transaction and trade of noble metal.
              4. Magnesium Alloy sacrificial anode detection
              Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode detection
              According to the institutive standard GB/T 17731-2004 Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals is undertaking the detection of electrochemical performance of magnesium sacrificial anode, analysis of chemical composition and detection of overall dimension and weight, and evaluating comprehensive performance of Magnesium Sacrificial Anode.
              5. Analysis of X-ray diffraction (XRD)
              GRINM is undertaking analysis phase qualitative content, quantitative analysis, lattice constant of various ores, steels, nonferrous and rare metal materials, semiconductor materials, advanced composite materials and functional materials. Using high resolution x-ray diffractometer to analyze and test steel, nonferrous and rare metal materials such like casting texture, deformation texture, re-crystallization texture, growth texture and phase transition texture which in aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy and shape memory alloy; And testing their residual stress (macroscopic stress) which produced during drawing or pressing process and measurement of swing curve. Providing large quantity of information at various aspects, such as the analysis of single crystal substrate and its perfectiveness or micro-structure, micro-composition or micro-failure and so on of lattice mismatches extension layer film.
              6. Detection of refractory metal
              GRINM long term dedicated testing and evaluating the performance of refractory metals and their compounds including W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf, V and Re, which are used in the field of aerospace, information and communication, electronic power, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical industry, energy transportation.
              7. Analysis of gas element of metal
              GRINM is undertaking analysis of O, N and H in which including titanium and titanium alloy, steel, copper and copper alloy, refractory metal(Zr/Hb/Hf/Mo/W/Ta、; And analyzing C and S in which including(Zr/Hb/Hf/Mo/W/Ta) , rare earth metal, cobalt and nickel (Zr/Hb/Hf/Mo/W/Ta) , rare earth metal, cobalt and nickel
              8. Detection of rare-earth elements
              GRINM is authoritative in analysis and testing of rare earth in China. Additionally, it is core part of drafting national rare earth inspection method. The laboratory offers test service of rare earth. And it is undertaking test products of rare earth metal and its oxides, rare earth chloride, light rare earth carbonate, high purity rare earth, rare earth nitrate used as fertilizer and other products, comprehensively analyzes the total amount and trace impurity of rare earth products and provides powerful support for production and science and research.
              9. Detection of steel material
              GRINM is undertaking analysis of steel materials including stainless steel, carbon structure steel, low alloy steel, galvanized strip for automobile, gabion technique network galvanized steel wire, structural steel for bridge, biphasic steel, angle steel, flat steel, round steel. According to requirements of product standard and grade, analyze the performance of various steel material products including steel pipe, steel bar, steel belt, steel plate and steel wire by using analysis of chemical composition, mechanical performance test, detection of surface performance, analysis of organization structure. Providing authoritative the third-party test report.
              10. Detection of gabion technique network
              GRINM is undertaking analysis of gabion technique network which used in the field of slope support, foundation pit support, hanging network and white washing, slope support, plant, greening of mountain rock surface, isolated protecting block of railway and highway. According to requirements of product standard, analyzing various performance standard of gabion technique network including coating weight, coating aluminum content, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, diameter of netting wire and boundary wire, dimension of mesh, salt-fog test of gabion technique network, and evaluating fairly of the product quality.

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