Information and Soft Science
              GRINM gives full play to the advantages in the field of nonferrous. We provide service for government institutions, related enterprises, scientific research personnel, intermediate consulting institutions and investment organisms by using internet technology and international science and technology and business channel. Our service includes information research consulting service of nonferrous metal and its related material fields, and recommends new technology and new products, undertakes Soft-Project research of development strategic of industry technology and translation and edit work of national and international science and technology information.
              GRINM have resource superiority, including more than 500 databases of Chinese journal full-text database, Chinese great science and technology achievements database, Chinese appropriate technology database, Chinese academic conference paper database, and Chinese science and technology paper, USA Dialog system. We also undertaking the collection of science and technology information, novelty search of new open task and project identification, development of science and technology information and information search and hosts core Chinese technology journals, such as Chinese Journal of Rare Earths, Journal of Rare Earths, Rare Metal and Chinese Journal of Analysis Laboratory.
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