Dianzuo Wang
              Dianzuo Wang, Prof. Wang, a scientist in mineral processing, metallurgy and materials engineering, is currently the honorary president of GRINM, member ofthe presidium of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). He has been the former president of Central South University of Technology (now called as Central South University) from 1985-1991, former president of GRINM (1991-1996), former Vice President of CAE since 1998.Many years dedicated to research in mineral processing, floatation chemistry and reagents, Prof. Wang has achieved innovative results with more than 300 papers and 9 books published. Prof. Wang has been awarded with more than 10 national and ministerial science and technology prizes.His major research orientation: molecular design and surface chemistry of minerals and materials processing reagents, solution chemistry during mineral and materials processing, floatation of sulphide minerals by OPCF, biohydrometallurgy of nonferrous metal mines, desilication and effective utilization of bauxite, interaction of solid particles and fine particles technology. In light of his eminent achievement, Prof. Wang was elected as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991, member of CAE in 1994, foreign associate of National Academy of Engineering of USA in 1990, and foreign associate of Russian Academy of Sciences in 2006. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by IMPC in 2010.(click for more)
              Dongying Li
              Dongying Li, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and a rare metals metallurgist and materials scientist. As one of the founders of the rare metals industry system in China, Prof. Li led the research on smelting methods of more than 30 rare metals and provided lots of much needed materials for industry development. The promotion of titanium application guided by Prof. Li resulted in significant economic benefit. Long time devoting to rare earth development and application, Prof. Li took the lead to propose and organize the research of rare earth trace elements’ application in agricultural production. “Study on national technology policy for 12 critical areas”and “Preliminary study of national science and technology long-term plan (1986-2000)” won the first prize of national science and technology progress award in 1987 and 1989 respectively. In addition, Prof. Liaccomplished 40 volumes“Advances in Nonferrous Metals”as the chief editor.
              Hailing Tu
              Hailing Tu, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) anda scientist in semiconductor materials is the former president of GRINM. Presently as the Honorary President, professor and PhD candidate advisor of GRINM, Dr. Tualso holds the position of Deputy Director of Chemical, Metallurgy and Materials Division of CAE, the Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA), Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS), The Nonferrous Metals Society of China, China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) and The Chinese Society of Rare Earths. In addition, Dr. Tu is a member of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the materials consultant to 973 Program. Long term devoted to the research in silicon, compound semiconductor, and rare earth semiconductor crystal growth technology, Si-based semiconductor materials, their links with the device performances,nano semiconductor materials and high K materials, Dr. Tu has been leading a number of national semiconductor materials engineering and special programs, from which a series of intellectual property covering the engineering technology has been developed and the mass production capability of the semiconductor materials has been formed. He is also actively involved with strategic research on the national mid and long-term science and technology development plan. Dr. Hailing Tu has been awarded with 14 national and ministerial science and technology prizes, and granted with 25 invention patents. 9 books and more than 200 papers have been published.
              Guocheng Zhang
              Guocheng Zhang, a scientist in the field of rare earth metals separation and smelting, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)is engaged inresearch on rare earths concentratesmeltingandindividualrare earth element separation. Prof. Zhang invented and developed a number of processes and technologies which are widely used in industry, such as the oxidation roasting – catalytic leaching process to treat bastnaesite, the sulfuric acid extraction method to treat the mixed rare earth concentrate, extraction of rare earth element from the sulfuric acid solutions by using P204 extractant, production of fluorescent europium oxide by alkalinity method, production of neodymium oxide by P204 extraction and redox of cerium and europium ion by electrochemical method. Prof. Zhang has won twice the second prize of national science and technology progress award, one invention award and has more than 30 papers published.
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