GRINM graduate faculty

              Profile of GRINM graduate faculty

              Since the recovery of graduate student recruitment system in 1978, the institute established a graduate students working group, and began to recruit master graduate student. In 1981 we started to recruit graduate students. The graduate faculty of GRINM was founded in 1985.
              Currently we have two authorized subjects with the first rate doctor's or master's degree: material science and engineering, metallurgy engineering, as well as additional two authorization office for master’s degree, with two postdoctoral research stations for material science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, and jointly established postdoctoral workstations with a number of enterprises.
              GRINM enjoys an excellent scientific research condition for the graduated students training, with ten national centers or laboratories inside the institute, it undertakes a large number of national scientific research projects and military supporting projects, which created a good scientific research environment for training of graduate students. In addition, GRINM enjoys a well living environment, the graduate students are provided with fixed monthly living subsidies in addition to ordinary scholarships and allowances under national regulation, moreover, a various kinds of special scholarship are set up, including: dean scholarship, desire scholarship, thesis scholarship, etc. The institute earnestly welcomes ambitious youth all over the country to sign up for the examination of master or doctor degree graduate student.
              Graduate faculty office is located in: room 309, No. 43 library building, central north three-ring
              Telephone number: 8610-82241865, 8610-82241899
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